Key box function

- Dec 25, 2017 -

1, in view of the previous use of key management inconvenience, the preparation of key storage management is not easy, messy a stacked in the drawer, often to find a key and support to check, not only troublesome and time-consuming, and even lost also do not know, it is inconvenient.

2, Key Management box application color and number management function can quickly and correctly help you find the key needed.

3, the key box of the number of notes can be typed or written key name purposes, used to check the use of identification.

4, Key box key ring can write name, telephone, department, in case of loss.

5, Key management boxes are attached to spare parts, can be fixed on the wall and table use.

6, suitable for the field: shops, homes, companies, factories, hotels, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, clubs and other uses.

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