Maintenance of stainless steel dining tables and chairs

- Dec 25, 2017 -

5 tips on how to maintain stainless steel dining tables and chairs

1, in the cleaning of stainless steel dining tables and chairs, do not use the steel wire ball to wipe its surface, to prevent scratches, there are stains in the place with a damp cloth gently wipe.

2, stainless steel fast food tables and chairs need to be regularly cleaned, the surface of dust or dirt, can be washed with warm water. If there is oil dripping on the top, first wipe with a soft cloth, and then clean with detergent.

3, after a long time will find some stainless steel table surface will have rainbow lines, which is too much oil or cleaning agent in the above caused by washing in here with warm water can be.

4, squeeze the toothpaste in the dirty stainless steel table, with a toothbrush on the top of the repeated brushing, and finally wipe with a damp cloth.

5, good stainless steel dining tables and chairs need our careful care, in the place of stainless steel table to avoid direct sunlight.

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