The features of the key cabinet

- Jul 27, 2018 -

Key Cabinet.png

1.24 hours supervision, simple operation.

2.Access to a key must be made by using a password or fingerprint, or using a password or fingerprint to retrieve the key.

3.Different permission levels and time limits can be divided.

4.Password set time limit level.

5.Automatically record all key access data and administrator's actual operation.

6.If the key is illegal, the system will alarm.

7.Can be connected to a computer or printer, printing different reports have been checked or managed.

8.485 communication or its independent IP address can be connected to the server or controlled by the network. (optional)

9.When authorized, any networked computer can print the required reports. (optional)

10.In case of abnormal conditions such as illegal (intrusion, move, touch, gas cutting, poisonous gas, smoke feeling, etc.), alarm information is automatically recorded.

11.With different capacity is in line with the actual needs.

12.A key management system can be composed of one or more key counters in different parts of the country to carry out unified management.

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