The odor treatment of the locker

- Aug 07, 2018 -

Locker & Cabinet.jpg

1.With a clean cotton towel, folded neatly into the locker, the tiny hole on the towel can adsorb the smell in the locker. After a period of time, the towel is removed with warm water and can be used after drying.

2.Tea water, vegetable water to the odor: dipped in a clean soft cloth dipped in tea water (or blanched vegetable water) to wipe the locker again, not only to reduce the odor of furniture, but also make the furniture surface bright and not easy to remove paint.

3.With gauze pack 50 grams of tea in the locker, after one month to take out and put in the sun, then put into the dressing cabinet, repeated use, can also remove the taste of the locker.

4.Wash rice water to smell: take soft cloth dipped in rice water, add a little white vinegar, wipe the locker surface also has very good results.

5.Milk to the odor: Boil the milk in the deep bottom plate, open the cupboard, put a few layers of newspapers or pieces of cloth in the cabinet (so that the bottom of the milk is hot brred), put the milk tray in the file cabinet, close the cabinet door, after five or six hours, the odor in the cabinet will be removed. It should be noted that the milk out of the cabinet should be open to air for a while, so as to avoid hot milk steam trapped in the cabinet to form moisture.

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