The selection and purchase of the locker

- Aug 09, 2018 -

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The locker is closely related to our daily life and directly affects the quality of life and physical health. Here are a few lockers to buy tips.

1.The thickness of the leg of the coat cabinet needs to reach 2.5 centimeters, too thick to appear awkward, thin and easy to bend and deformation; it is found that wood has insect eyes and ends, indicating that the drying is not thorough.General veneer more corner of the wardrobe easy to tilt up, the selection can be used to pick the corners, if a pull up, indicating the problem with glue. Check the surface, but also open doors, drawer door to see if there is decay inside material, you can pinch a pinch with a finger, pinch in to explain the material decay.

Smell it with your nose after opening the closet door. If you rush your nose, puncture your eyes, and shed tears, it shows that the formaldehyde content in the cement is too high, and it will be harmful to people.

2.Pay attention to check the cabinet door, the drawer can not be too big, we should pay attention to horizontal and vertical, the door can not sag.

3.Small pieces of locker, such as chairs, stools, clothes hangers and so on in the selection of the cement can be towed on the ground, gently fall a fall, sound crisp, better quality; if the sound is dumb, there is a splitting noise, the mortise and tenon combination is not tight, the structure is not firm.

4.The veneer locker cabinet is strict and strict, whether it is the veneer board, PVC or paste pre paint paper, should pay attention to the skin of the skin is smooth, there is no drum, blister, seams are not strict.

5.Check with the light, otherwise it will not be seen. The veneer overhanging cabinet of the willow willow veneer is easy to damage, and can only be used for two years in general. For veneer, the veneer is better than the veneer. The way to identify the two is to look at the pattern of the wood, and the veneer veneer is straight and dense, and the veneer of the veneer is round and sparse. On the surface of the locker, the floor must be sealed, and the edges will be damaged by moisture absorption and bloat. Generally veneer changing cabinet corner is easy to warp up, you can pick out the corner by hand, if you pick up, indicating that there is a problem with glue.

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