What are the advantages of the prison door?

- Dec 25, 2017 -

1. Low-voltage power supply, there is electricity, no electricity can be used normally, and after a power outage can continue to use more than one day;

2. Need single control, joint control, group control, remote control function;

3. Open and close information (time, authorized person) need long-term preservation for future reference;

4. No matter the door stops in any position, can self-locking, cannot be violent open;

5. When the door is not opened normally (open door is not answered), should automatically alarm;

6. The hardware of the drive system must have a stop function to prevent the prisoner from self injury (suicide) and be injured (being murdered);

7. The mechanism should be concealed mechanical emergency relief device, in abnormal circumstances can be manually released by the key;

8. Small size, low height (should be less than 150mm), horizontal top structure, easy to install and maintain;

9. With the corresponding electronic control device should have sufficient function expansion interface, such as computer network interface, through with access control, computer networking, the implementation of general control and control, open flexible, timely monitoring in place.

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