What is a safety hook?

- Aug 02, 2018 -

Safety Hook.jpg

The Safety Hook, also known as the main lock, is the most commonly used tool for connecting ropes, flat belts, anchors, and equipment. The safety hook and ring needs to be attached to the lock function. Locking functions are divided into two categories: hand rotation and automatic locking. Hand - to - lock is suitable for most of the environment, but it must be locked immediately after the connection, otherwise the accident may be caused by the inadvertent collision between the equipment and the lock door during the operation. The unlocked hook ring is just like the state of the gate opening, and its pulling force (breaking load) is much lower than the locked state. Divided into ordinary (rotary) and spring hook (self locking type) two kinds. The shape is more like "D" (rescue, military), "8" shape (Engineering, architecture).

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