What is the key cabinet?

- Jul 31, 2018 -

With the development of information technology, modern management has given "thought" ability. Intelligent management has become the only way of modern personnel management and article management. It has its profound technical background and social background, and the information technology is intellectualized, information network globalization and information wave of national economy are impacted. At the same time, the process of social informatization is stepping forward. To further meet the requirements of the high standards and high security of the social and economic development and the power sector, the key cabinet has completely changed the progress of the key from the personnel management to the intelligent management, as well as the progress of science and technology. Not only enhance the security and availability of the key, but also save manpower, material resources more convenient management and query management personnel, but also avoid the necessary errors due to the paralysis of the people. According to the current development trend, new requirements are put forward for the development of key cabinet, from single management to diversity management to network and comprehensive management. This is a scheme to control the key cabinet through the network. The key cabinet management system is the combination of modern information technology and high safety key cabinet. The remote supervision mechanism is realized on the basis of convenience and safety.

Key Cabinet.png

The key cabinet is based on the basis of the safety cabinet and in order to facilitate the centralized management and safety management of the key, the key is concentrated in a safe and intelligent key cabinet, and it is safe, digital and intelligent management. The purpose is to solve the safety, intelligence and humanized management of the key units and key units. The main significance is to solve the past key management have personnel management, the custodian registration applicant information, the key, to intelligent, information and scientific management progress. It is another great progress of human key management. It is a symbol of the human key management into information and intelligence. In order to adapt to the requirements of the new era of technological change, it is completely divorced from the manual, according to the application of authority, and automatically records the information of the applicant, and the leader can supervise the online supervision in real time. The management of important items is accurate, timely and well documented.

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