How To Avoid The Bathroom Slip?

- Dec 25, 2017 -

1. The bathroom, the toilet chooses the non-slip floor tile

Paved on the floor of the slate brick, can prevent out of the bathtub or shower, there is a slip of the situation, if you still like the marble material, it is recommended to do special safety treatment on the surface, such as sandblasting or texture staggered way, resulting in non-slip effect.

2. Place Non-slip mat in bathtub and shower area

In general, everyone will be in the bathroom space wet and dry junction area, place a towel can wipe the feet dry, suggest to buy a carpet with absorbent water, take away the moisture on the feet.

3. Use the shower seat, the bathtub side, the toilet side can install the sturdy handrail, facilitates the old person to help

Safety handrails are usually installed for the elderly and children, can be used to facilitate the use of, for the sake of safety, the need to recommend a home installation.

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